Our Team Building workshops include:

  • Team Building Simulations

    The Survival Simulations are designed to teach teams how to improve problem-solving through learning the interpersonal (people) and rational (task) skills and behaviours that lead to successful team work.

  • Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI)

    The GSI quantifies interaction styles to show teams how they can work together more effectively and achieve synergy when solving problems - that is, to ensure that their interactive efforts have a greater impact than the sum of their individual efforts.

  • Interest Based Problem Solving

    Interest Based Problem Solving is a form of systems thinking that provides a structure to a problem solving session where instead of it being “you against me because of the problem” it becomes “you and me against the problem”.

Workshop Content

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Client Feedback

Ian Gower

"Methodical unbiased problem solving"

Ian Gower

Having worked with Karl now on several different projects, I can highly recomend him when methodical unbiased problem solving, team development coaching or Collective Agreement Negotiations are required. The experience, methods and tools Karl uses, help break down the issues into a clear and concise picture, without the conflict we have had in the past. The time spent "Setting the Scene" with Karl, will greatly reduce the overall time it would normally take to work through problem solving or negotiation. Once again, I highly recommend Karl as your next business mentor, coach or facilitator.
Kym Amiatu

"Karl has an energising facilitation style ..."

Kym Amiatu

Air New Zealand is empowering employees through collaborating to resolve problems or identify opportunities with those who are closest to the problem/opportunity. As part of this change a number of working groups have been put in place with multiple (union/employee/employer) team members. I have used Karl to facilitate problem solving sessions and collective agreement negotiations. Karl has used interest based problem solving and interest based negotiation techniques during these sessions. Karl has an energising facilitation style, he quickly judges the mood of the participants and their abilities and adjusts his facilitation style accordingly. Karl has a range of frameworks and methodologies he uses to manage the inputs and interests of the stakeholders, resulting in a successful outcome. I continue to engage Karl for his facilitation abilities and feel confident in recommending him to others.
John Stulen

"... we were able to identify the problems and begin work towards better outcomes."

John Stulen

Our Association has used Karl’s facilitation/problem-solving services with a diverse group of members from our industry who originally could not see their way to a relatively simple solution. It is a credit to Karl’s expertise and practical experience with the process that we were able to identify the problems and begin work towards better outcomes.
Steve Worsley

"... excellent facilitation skills and ability to see the big picture ...

Steve Worsley

I worked with Karl whilst at the Department of Labour. We used his skills to facilitate some developmental workshops in respect of how we could apply our services to SME's and how we could contribute to improving productivity within the businesses we worked with. Karl's excellent facilitation skills and ability to see the big picture and keep us on track not only made the numerous sessions we had enjoyable, but extremely valuable. He had the ability to quickly grasp the needs of our organisation as well as gain a good understanding of our role. This enabled him to facilitate in a very effective and professional manner and we all benefitted from his expertise. I would look forward to working with Karl again.

Your Facilitator

  • Karl Perry

    Principal Consultant and Director

    Karl Perry

    Karl Perry is a well respected Facilitator, Thinking Coach and Consultant. He is also a skilled Human Resource, Employment Relations and Organisational Development practitioner. Karl has been consulting and coaching since he founded the Employment Relations Centre in 1997. He has helped thousands of individuals, teams and organisations achieve more of their personal and collective goals through the development of high performance behaviour, engagement and cultures. If you want better working relationships contact Karl and book time for an introduction .

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